Bitbond prihlásenie


I found Bitbond to be a very useful tool for financing my business, when all the main sources, banks, credit cards, etc wanted to charge the earth because I was a small business and didn't have a regular salary coming in. Bitbond just had a look at my eBay account and rated my risk factor and interest rate based on that and a couple of questions.

Through the sale, the firm aims to raise The compliant platform to tokenize debt securities. Bitbond has delivered blockchain powered financial technology since 2013. We pioneered financial markets with Germany’s first Security Token Offering (STO) by receiving BaFin approval for our tokenized bond in January 2019. Benefit from our bank-grade technology and expertise to serve your clients and raise capital in the most efficient way Bitbond offers a fast-paced work environment where you can have your voice heard.

Bitbond prihlásenie

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All the good comments come from lenders, I really doubt whether the bitbond team deliberately default investors' money to lend money to lenders at extremely low rate, even if Jul 10, 2019 · Founded in 2013, Bitbond offers a combined technology and data platform designed to provide financing to SMEs around the world. With customers in more than 120 countries, Bitbond helps small business owners access the working capital they need to grow their businesses by connecting them with both individual and institutional investors. Aug 23, 2017 · Bitbond has been in operation for several years now. It has over 100,000 + users, and already disbursed more than 1,900 + loans.

The sale of tokenized bonds by Bitbond received the highest regulatory blessing from the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). The STO has an issue volume of 100 million euros. Bitbond may hold Germany’s first security token offering (STO). This was announced by the crypto start-up on February 15 on its website.

Bitbond prihlásenie

Transparency. Bitbond is a transparent company and doesn’t hide its identity. BitBond Statistics. As of July 2017, BitBond has granted more than 1,850 loans worth over 2,300,000 USD, and 60,000+ satisfied users.

Bitbond prihlásenie

Bitbond runs a bitcoin affiliate program that is accessible to everyone who signs up with the site. The program rewards affiliates with a commission of up to 50% of Bitbond's loan origination fee. Bitbond pays 20% of the fee it makes to the affiliate who referred the borrower.

Bitbond prihlásenie

The issuer of the token is Bitbond Finance GmbH, a company fully owned by Bitbond GmbH. Token holders will receive 1% interest on their invested amount every quarter (4% per year). If a lender chooses to bid $100 on a $ denominate loan, he will receive principal plus interest in return by the end of the loan term, regardless of what the price of bitcoin does. Even if it shoots up to $1million, our investor will receive (lets say) $120 back, a very attractive return. Bitbond provides working capital loans to small businesses that use e-commerce platforms like eBay and Amazon in Asia, and claims to have already processed over $15 million-worth of business loans. Phone Number +49 30 5683 8191 Bitbond radically improves the issuance, settlement and custody of bonds and other assets with the help of blockchain technology and tokenization.

Learn more about Bitbond and its products by browsing the services it offers. You can also read our community reviews and hear what others have to say about their experience with Bitbond. Jun 11, 2016 · What is Bitbond? Bitbond is a global peer-to-peer Bitcoin lending platform.

Small businesses can get affordable loans, while lenders can earn interest on their lend Bitcoins. Their mission is to make investing and financing globally accessible. Know more about us BitbondInvestor is consistently listed as one of the frontiers Entrusted by thousands and with a steadily growing database. Oct 24, 2017 · Bitbond is incorporated in Berlin, Germany and is a fully regulated financial institution with its own licence. Bitbond’s mission is to make investing and financing globally accessible.

der Bitbond Finance GmbH, Berlin für das öffentliche Angebot von qualifiziert nachrangigen tokenbasierten Schuldverschreibungen mit einem maximalen Gesamtnennbetrag von EUR 100.000.000,- "Peer-to-peer bitcoin lending gives individual investors access profitable interest rates. At the same time borrowers get small business loans quickly and in an uncomplicated way. Bitbond leverages bitcoin as a technology and payment network to create the first global market for small business loans. Aug 16, 2016 · Bitbond CEO: We Have Been Approached by 60 Different Companies Interested in Our STO Technology. Bitbond is a Germany-based Fintech that started life as a global online lender serving small business borrowers. Some years ago, Bitbond received a regulatory license by the German financial services regulator, BaFin. 6.10.1 Pre-financing Agreement with the Bitbond GmbH 37 6.10.2 Service Level Agreement with the Bitbond GmbH 37 6.11 Court and arbitration proceedings 37 7.

Bitbond and Klickown to Tokenize German Real Estate. 2019-12-12 | The Tokenist. Bitbond Partners with KlickOwn to Offer Real Estate-backed Bonds on Stellar As the name suggests, Bitbond is a P2P lending platform that deals in Bitcoin. Bitbond has become one of the market leaders because of its unbiased and unprejudiced approach towards investors and borrowers. One of the best features and services of Bitbond is that it offers a low-interest rate of 7.7% on loans to small businesses. Bitbond Review. Bitbond was founded in 2015 and is based in Berlin, Germany.

Job satisfaction The compliant platform for tokenized securities! Learn more about tokenization of assets with Bitbond, the 1st european issuer of tokenized security. Bitbond to Provide Security Token Service to Regulated Bank – Bankhaus von der Heydt. 2019-12-16 | Wallstreet Online.

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BitBond Finance. BitBond entered the lending market in 2013. At that time, it was among one of the first instant lending platforms to offer services worldwide. The company currently issues €1 million in loans a month. Now, BitBond intends to leverage its positioning to enter into the tokenized bond market in a major way.

Commission 5% Per Lead . Cookie Duration Unknown . Join the Affiliate Program.